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Strategic Planning & Consultation

strategyFrom our experience, many destination marketing organizations in emerging markets have an awareness of the need for greater integration of ICT into their operations, activities and long term plans- but they are not sure how to achieve it. Essentially, they know where they need to be- but not how to get there.

Achieving this requires a committed plan to set achievable goals and to build internal capacity and infrastructure to achieve these goals. For many emerging DMOs who want to achieve true Destination management through ICT, there is a need to establish and implement a 3-5 year strategic plan to develop and customize a marketing and management model in line with infrastructural development and capacity building.

E-Tourism Frontiers can help source and facilitate assistance with developing these strategies, and establishing partnerships to achieve them. By providing consultation, technical assistance and working models, we can assist DMOs to achieve a sustainable and equitable National strategy.

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