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Understanding the Needs of Our Markets

research_1An awareness of current travel trends helps you strategically plan to market and develop your business. In the competitive online marketplace, a knowledge of the travel scene and current and future developments will help you spend wisely to maximize your sales. Fortunately, in the information rich world of online tourism- there is plenty of data being continuously gathered, analysed and published. The best way to access and utilize is this data is to seek out the work of online travel research professionals.

However, there is a general lack of active and updated information about tourism in many emerging destinations- and even more so online tourism. We recognize that if E-Tourism is to become a feasible and sustainable part of the Tourism sector, there is a need to produce and publish appropriate locally based research that can be used to qualify strategic plans and lobby for redistribution of budgets, while identifying challenges and potential solutions.

We aim to support and assist with research into online travel trends, electronic spending and development issues in emerging markets. If you are looking for data or looking to undertake research in this area- Contact us.