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What We Aim to Achieve

  • To educate and inform the public and private tourism sectors in emerging markets and to raise awareness of the importance of ICT in adapting to the rapidly changing travel distribution channels in order to avoid the creation of a digital divide between emerging markets and the global travel trade.
  • To provide working models of sustainable e-tourism business solutions in action, and provide the local trade with resources to initiate both e-marketing and e-business.
  • To locally analyse the status of E-business at a public and private sector level, and identify key issues and challenges to development, and to incorporate these into conference and workshop agendas.
  • To identify, explain and demonstrate new business and marketing technologies in a practical and simple manner that will allow the local DMOs and trade to make informed destinations about their own strategies.
  • To create opportunities for exposure and networking opportunities with international online intermediaries and technology providers.
  • To ensure equitable involvement of SMEs and community and eco-tourism projects in an e-tourist environment.
  • To provide a platform for  new initiatives, development and assistance programmes for the sector to be fully integrated into local tourism economies.
  • To provide direct support and training for integration of e-tourism solutions at both a public and private sector levels, combining international and local expertise.
  • To create increased opportunity for local, national, and regional initiatives to cooperate and compete in an equitable environment.
  • To provide an ongoing source for resources, discussions and further education for Tourism stakeholders.